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Support your emotional well-being through therapy, groups, and workshops, led by an expert provider who's focused on your needs.

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A better model to get you into a better place.

Octave is your partner for mental health and emotional well-being. Our model — based on consistent measurement of your progress — brings traditional and innovative care pathways together.

We know everyone’s needs are different with one thing in common: We all want to make progress towards our goals.

Offering therapy, groups, and workshops.

Why Octave?

Focused on Results

We’ve seen a 37% reduction in depression symptoms over 12 weeks with our care.

Personalized Plans

We’ll start with a structured assessment, then find you the right therapist and create a custom care plan to support your needs.

Insurance Friendly

More than 70% of our clients are paying for care with insurance benefits.

Individual Therapy

In-person or virtual sessions with an empathetic therapist to help you identify old patterns and nurture new growth. We are experts with specializations in a wide variety of evidence-based therapies.

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Couples Therapy

Sessions focusing on you and your partner to gain fresh perspective on how to create positive energy within your relationship, guided by an experience couples therapist.

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Support Groups

Supportive group sessions enabling you to work through issues in a group setting with others who might be experiencing similar struggles, guided by one of our expert providers.

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Educational workshops teaching practical skills or diving into information on a mental health topic, led by an expert provider.

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"From the thoughtful intake, ease of dealing with insurance and on top of it one of the most thorough and eye opening therapy I have ever received - I cannot recommend Octave enough."
Octave Client
“She has helped me more in two months than another therapist in 3 years. I'm actually stunned... It's amazing what the right person can do.”
Octave Client
“She's insightful in a way that is so refreshing. She can validate my issues/concerns while also challenging me when necessary. ”
Octave Client

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