We all deserve emotional well-being.

Octave’s mission is to create a new standard for mental health care that’s both accessible to people and sustainable for providers. By redesigning how care is delivered and expanding options to make it more affordable, we can meet the growing need for mental health care and measurably improve more lives.

A new model for mental health delivery.

Octave is a musical term, referring to a complete collection of musical notes. Similarly, we offer a complete set of services that can be tuned to each person’s unique needs. 

After completing a structured assessment of each new client, we match them with the right provider and design a care plan that can include individual therapy, couples therapy, and groups. 

Our model is evidence-based and outcome-driven. We track progress throughout the care journey to ensure our clients can reach their goals and ultimately have the tools to manage their own emotional well-being.

Care is in the connection.

We believe that technology should play an important, but supporting, role in mental health care. We leverage innovative tech to improve onboarding, billing, communications, and health records - but when it comes to changing people’s lives, that comes through human connection. 

Octave has carefully selected the best therapists, who are committed to establishing a meaningful connection with their clients. From a thoughtful matching process to broad expertise for a range of conditions, we enable our people to do the work that matters most.

We know this is bigger than us alone.

Getting high-quality mental health care starts with access. More than half of all therapists nationwide do not accept insurance, and those who do often can’t get reimbursements that make their practice sustainable.

We’re pioneering relationships with insurance companies to cover a range of services, and is currently in-network with multiple payers in California and New York. We also design compensation packages for providers that allow them to do their best work without worrying about the overhead. 

It’s a winning model that can change the whole system: greater access for clients, and greater freedom for providers.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Sandeep Acharya

Co-Founder, CEO

Sejal Shah

Chief Operating Officer

Golee Abrishami, PhD

VP, Clinical Care

Heather McCollum

Head of People

Julia Garcés French

VP, Finance

Tony Glebe

Head of Business Development

Kathleen Mullaney

VP, Product

Jeff Smith

Chief Technology Officer

Annie Winship

VP, Marketing