Our Approach To Emotional Well-Being

Balancing 24/7 work schedules with demands of our personal lives can leave the best of us feeling overloaded. The solution is a proactive approach to emotional well-being that is as rigorous & routine as our approach to diet & fitness. The Octave team is comprised of expert psychologists, therapists, coaches and instructors, and we can help you find a better version of yourself in as little as a 30 minute class, or as much as active weekly therapy & coaching sessions.

Comprehensive Support

We are offering a growing set of tools that you can access anywhere, from self-assessments to exercises, to help you make progress on your schedule, not just in our studio.

About Octave

Knowing where to go for help can be so tough. Your needs are complex and they change over time. Octave’s mission is to simplify the search by offering everything you need in one place. Interested in therapy? We have a wide variety of therapists trained to deal with everything from couples therapy to major depression. Feeling stuck or anxious but don’t want to be in therapy? Our coaching program is a time limited, evidence-based program to teach you skills that can help you overcome your challenges. Want to invest in habits that will help you continue to grow? Our classes can help learn and practice specific skills, from mindfulness to sleep.

Our History

Octave stems from the simple idea that high quality support for emotional well-being should be affordable and approachable. Our practice is designed for today's modern client who has limited time, but believes investing in self-care must include looking after their emotional well-being. Octave is a musical term, referring to a complete collection of musical notes. Similarly, our offering is a complete set of services to help you wherever you are in your journey—whether you're struggling to get out of bed or just looking for that last missing piece. We have assembled a talented team of clinicians, coaches, instructors, designers, technologists and operators to help guide you on that journey and provide a world-class experience along the way.

Our Team

Rochelle Frank

Clinical Adviser


Matthew McKay

Clinical Adviser


Sarah Gundle

Co-Clinic Director


Kristen Scarlett, LMHC

Co-Founder, Clinic Director


Sandeep Acharya

Co-Founder, CEO