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Michelle Vidana, LPCC

Michelle Vidana, LPCC


Licensed in CA #5686
Insurances Accepted: Anthem Blue Cross, Aetna, Health Net/MHN
Speaks vietnamese
My mission is to get individuals back out to the world stronger, healthier, and more confident.

My Therapy Style

My style of therapy is warm, affirming, non-judgmental, creative, and collaborative yet also challenging at times as I believe in a gentle nudge when necessary to put the skills learned to the test through life application and practice. I will be with you every step of the way and moving at a pace that makes sense and feels safe to you. My mission is to get individuals back out to the world stronger, healthier, and more confident.

Education & Training

MA - Clinical Mental Health Counseling, University of San Diego

Get to Know Me

Why did you become a mental health professional?

Being a daughter of war refugees and witnessing my community often suffering in silence fueled a heart for serving and compassion for those living in pain and struggling with mental illness. I believe in the power and healing of the mind and its role in healing the body.

What are your interests outside of work?

Music/singing, trying new foods and going to farmers markets, paddle boarding, yoga, spending quality time with family and friends, arts and crafts.

What book have you read more than once?

The Gifts of Imperfection - I love the reminder to look inward and embrace the discomfort, shame, fears and live wholeheartedly.

Favorite organization/non-profit?

Union Pan Asian Communities UPAC, because the organization stepped up to be a leading organization in San Diego to reach out to Asian communities and promote mental wellness and touch on topics often taboo and stigmatized by the community within.

How do you recharge?

Exercise, walking and getting sun

Do you have any pets?

We have two dogs and a tortoise. I love how protective my dogs are over my children.