Learn self-care in our community.

Our therapy groups help you work through problems in a safe and confidential environment. Our classes are developed to assist you in incorporating emotional resilience into your everyday life. Both groups and classes are held on-site at Octave, to facilitate a supportive and safe environment.

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Why Classes and Groups?

Our classes and groups are designed by a panel of experts in psychology, mindfulness, and wellness to help you develop skills and habits proven to support emotional resilience.

Our 35 minute classes are $15. Our Sleep University is priced at $60 per class for 5 classes. Prices will vary for other workshops & groups.

Class & Group Offerings

To enroll in any of our groups, please email info@findoctave.com. Some of our groups require a free consult call before enrollment, which is noted in the description.

Relationship Bootcamp

Class 1: May 20, June 3, June 10, June 17 at 7:30pm

Class 2: May 23, May 30, June 6, June 13 at 12pm

Package Price: $400/couple (4 sessions)

Octave's Relationship Bootcamp will provide couples new ways to communicate about their relationship, goals, and expectations. This group will teach couples how to think about finances, power differentials, parenting, and couplehood. In addition, couples will learn how to approach conflict constructively and how to create a positive culture within their relationship. Classes are 75 minutes and held weekly, for 4 weeks. Email info@findoctave.com to directly enroll.

Pregnancy Support Group

Starting June 2019

Price: $75/session

Octave's Pregnancy Support Group provides pregnant women a supportive community, helps reduce feelings of isolation, and identifies symptoms and red flags of postpartum depression. We discuss topics such as: maintaining healthy relationships, bonding with baby, work issues, and body image challenges. Mindfulness and CBT techniques are taught to help decrease symptoms of anxiety and depression that may be present. Sessions are 60 minutes and held weekly. This group requires a complimentary consult call prior to enrollment.

Realness: A Therapy Group for Gay, Bisexual, Transgender & Queer Men

Starting May 2019, every Tuesday at 7:30pm

Price: $75/session

Octave's Realness group provides an affirming space to explore intimacy, conflict, love, anger, isolation, gender, sexuality and more. Participants will have an opportunity explore ways to gain a more satisfying and intimate relationship with their partner(s); experiment with new ways of relating; deepen their self-awareness on how they get close to others and how they push others away; explore the many components of queer and male identity; and learn how to stay curious and engaged when faced with comparison and conflict. Sessions are 75 minutes and held weekly. This group requires a complimentary consult call prior to enrollment.

Sleep University


Price: $60/session

Octave's Sleep University uses a leading clinical method called CBTi to establish new habits for sound sleep. CBTi is an insomnia-specific form of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy that is as potent as pills in the short term and more effective in the long run. This group is best for people with chronic, long-standing symptoms of insomnia. Sessions are 60 minutes for six weeks. A complimentary phone consultation is required prior to enrollment.

CBT Group

Starting June 2019

Price: $75/session

This group will use core principles of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and mindfulness to help those who have struggle with symptoms of depression and/or anxiety. The group will help you learn how to make behavioral and cognitive shifts that will allow you to cope more effectively and reduce patterns of worry and rumination. This group uses a manual to help guide our work, and regular homework assignments are given to reinforce progress. Sessions will be 75 minutes, held weekly for 10 weeks. This group requires a complimentary consult call prior to enrollment.

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